Midlands Peacemakers will seek to work with, help develop and wherever possible support any individual or organisation committed to helping those who have fallen foul of the criminal justice system; those suffering difficulties as a result of their service in the military or emergency services; through drug and alcohol abuse or simply through a loss of confidence and self- esteem due to trauma of any kind.

Our aim is to promote the United Nations Pledge to Peace and to invite co-operation between people and organisations throughout the Midlands wishing to promote Dignity Peace and Prosperity in their communities. We believe that the United Nations Pledge to Peace provides an umbrella beneath which individual differences can be left aside and the true potential of human beings may be realised through the achievement of finding personal peace in their daily lives.

Midlands Peacemakers was founded in 2015 to introduce the concept of personal peace to the people of Kidderminster through a collaboration with the Kidderminster Arts Festival and Kidderminster College. We enlisted support from Kidderminster Council, Baxter College, Town Hall, The Academy, Kidderminster College, Local Newspaper offices and local businesses to promote our activities.

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Its events formed part of the week long arts festival and included promotional videos performed, filmed and edited by students from Kidderminster College. College Staff produced a concert of music and dance during term time which attracted an enthusiastic audience response; as did a delicious Indian Thali provided free of charge with costs met through donations from Midlands Peacemakers and Abbey Wealth. link to Abbey Wealth

Spontaneous donations from invited guests during their lunch/dinner amounted to just over five hundred pounds which was given to the Trussell Trust’s Kidderminster food bank and some recipients joined others for a free lunch or dinner. Most activities were in co-operation with peace one day and broadcast globally via: Peacecast tv

Staff from and friends of the college’s performing arts department (MAS records) performed alongside MAS patron Robert Plant at a Frank Freemans reunion in February; where once again, thanks to Abbey Wealth, Indian Food was provided free of charge in a private room hired for musicians, artists and film makers; plus, fifty invited guests who regularly attended a venue made famous by the BBC’S John Peel in the 60’s and 70’s. Watch Video

Following these events Kidderminster College provided facilities and technical support for two consecutive 10-week sessions of the Peace Education Programme as part of an adult education initiative. The classes ran back to back and will be offered to Midlands Schools, Colleges and Universities wishing to introduce them in 2017. The programme is provided free of charge through tprf and repeat printed materials funded by donation. Link to tprf

The events were all a great success and in 2019 and Kidderminster College will launch MAS Lab an off shoot of MAS Records which will hold numerous events geared to promoting a range of activities and provide opportunities for students and townsfolk throughout Wyre Forest area to engage in supportive activities for immediate and important causes, such as helping refugees, reducing knife crime and gang violence and rehabilitation. Read more

Since then Midlands Peacemakers have been involved in seeking to collaborate on initiatives with a broader appeal, to engage directly and support those helping individuals and organisations to unlock their true potential, and achieve significant and lasting changes in their lives through Dignity Peace and Prosperity.

In so doing it has become apparent that the United Nations Pledge to Peace provides an opportunity for any organisation to commit itself, without prejudice, to promoting peace in its community and truly serve those it seeks to represent. The United Kingdom Parliament has signed the pledge and it will be interesting to see what becomes of it; on a local level Midlands Peace Makers invite all Midlands Councils to sign the pledge, encourage its business partners and educational institutions to do the same and put Peace firmly on the map for all its citizens, its emergency services, its ex-servicemen and women, social services, health and well-being organisations and all those in need.

Dignity Peace and Prosperity

Planned Events

International Peace Day September 21st 2019

The West Midlands Premiere of Inside Peace at the MAC Birmingham

'Inside Peace'

Criminal offenders with lives marked by generations of violence, addiction, and poor social conditions attended a Peace Class in a Texas prison where they struggled to discover their humanity, improve their outlook on life and rebuild their lives from the inside out. Four years in the making, Inside Peace is a multi-award winning feature documentary that focuses on several compelling characters who were incarcerated at Dominguez State Jail in San Antonio, Texas. There, they embarked on a journey of change by enrolling in the Peace Class, one of the few self-improvement programs offered in prisons across the country that are not faith-based, but instead concentrates on the individual’s inner strength and self-worth.

Inside Peace Screenings, plus a range of short films and videos showcasing successes in reducing violence and seeking the prevention of knife crime through early intervention will be made available throughout the Midlands from 2019 onwards; in collaboration with the following:

Supported By The Following Organisations

With some of our partners and others we were pleased to be sharing an all-day event at the MAC, Including:

SOS  Supporting ex-military and emergency services. saveoursoldier.co.uk

Peacemakers Peace Education Programme in Schools. www.peacemakers.org.uk

TPRF: Food for All and Adult Peace Education Programmes: tprf.org

Care After Combat: Project Phoenix: www.careaftercombat.org

Peace Partners: www.peacepartners.co.uk

Exhibitions and presentations ran from 10-am until 5pm in the Lobby, Cinema Bar and Foyer:

Reaction to the Mac Showing of Inside Peace

Below are two short films showing audience reaction to the mac Birmingham screening of the Film.

Coming Events

Events are being planned for Liverpool, Leicester, Bristol and various Universities. Watch this space for details


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